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frgen-at is a self audio-testing program I've developed for personal use. Given a good pair of headphones, a 24bit-capable soundcard and good environmental conditions, it's possible to perform professional quality ear-response testing with relatively low-cost hardware. Below you can see some sample outputs generated by testing myself (slight hearing loss is visible on low and medium frequencies) using a professional pair of Technish headphones, 24bit/48KHz sound mixing on a Octane's RAD v12 audio processor.

Emphasis has been done on minimising errors and producing high-quality results by introducing several self-coherency tests (it's almost impossible to cheat), different testing typologies and in the same time reducing the overall testing time. It copes rather well with artificial noises introduced by tintinnus.


frgen-at is currently in alpha stage: the code is indeed a mess, but it works as a testbed for new ideas. Development is done on IRIX; an SDL port is available (with reduced audio quality). Source and more information are available upon request. Beware: sound knowledge is needed to interpret the results, as well to perform decent tests. This is not a substitute to a doctor's visit.

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