PhConv - simple base converter for Photon

What is it PhConv

PhConv is a very simple but usefull base converter for QNX Photon 2. It's designed to resemble the common Photon look&feel. It can convert from-to: binary, octal, decimal, exadecimal. Due to it's simplicity can be used as a simple tutorial for creating photon applications without using PhAb.


How I can help?

This release (1.0.0) is fully functional but is lacking icons. Actually we need four icons:

If possible replicate the common Photon style for icons: clean design, pastel colors with some shades and black sharp borders


Source tarballs and packages

Updated versions of PhConv can be found at:

Lastest version is: 1.0.0, released on: Fri Aug 10 19:15:06 cest 2001

Direct links:

Cvs anonymous access

Since PhConv is mantained using cvs, you can get the lastest version (warning: sources from cvs can be unusable/unstable) using an anonymous cvs access:

export CVSROOT=""
cvs login
cvs -z9 co module
Currently avaible modules are:

Addictional instructions and cvsweb access can be found at:

Authors and copyright

PhConv is copyright of Yuri D'Elia (Wave++), and it's distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (see COPYING).

Other contributors

None at the moment

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