Photon Screensavers
For QNX Photon 2, QNX RTOS 6

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Lastest news

Sunday 23 December 2001 Happy Christmas to everyone. And.. happy new year :)
Monday 15 October 2001 Changed distribution license. PhScrs is now lincensed under LGPL. This affecs new as well old releases.
Tuesday 09 October 2001 Added new screensaver phepyro into the cvs repository. Added phepyro screenshots in the screenshots page. Removed bad packaged files in the repository (now we use qpg generation files) and added release 1.1 (now avaible for download).
Saturday 15 September 2001 Hotfix release 1.0.1 now avaible for download. Fixes an important bug in visualization and adds the new P switch. Users of 1.0 should upgrade to 1.0.1.
Monday 10 September 2001 Added a priority switch P. Only today! And only on cvs :)
... old news

Brief description

PhScrs is a library-framework like xscreensavers (I suggest you looking at the xscreensaver site), but developed for Photon 2/QNX RTOS 6. PhScrs provides a common shared library that's used by all including screensavers. By using this library each screensaver can benefit of having standard commandline arguments. With these arguments any screensaver can be:

  • used as a normal screensaver
  • windowed to a fixed size region
  • embedded in any other application by using a region ID
  • put on the background :)


Here is avaible a complete list of screenshots of each avaible screensaver in PhScrs. A demonstration of what can be done with each screensaver is also avaible here.

Documentation and FAQ

I'll write something here. For now download the sources and read the README files. If you have time, feel free to write something.

Developers section

I've expressively written a demonstration app that can embed phscrs screensavers in it. It's first purpose is to demonstrate how to set-up a region and determine its rid to use when calling a screensaver. It's called PhScrsE and it has a dedicated page.


Standard download page, or Repository instructions, or Anonymous cvs instructions. Remember that PhScrs is mantained using cvs. You can always get the lastest up-to-date version using it, but beware that sources may/may not compile correctly and the application can have bugs.

Authors and Feedback

Any feedback is always appreciated. You can send your feedback directly at the Author, or use these Public Forums. For submitting bugs you can use the Bugs Tracker. On the Sourceforge PhScrs page you can have a list of other avaible trackers.

PhScrs main author is Wave++ (Yuri D'Elia). There's no other contributors at the moment.