Photon Screensavers
For QNX Photon 2, QNX RTOS 6

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Cvs instructions

Since PhScrs is mantained using cvs, you can get the lastest version (warning: sources from cvs can be unusable/unstable) using an anonymous cvs access. Browsing cvs sources online is possible by using the cvs web interface.

Our anonymous cvs repository is " ". Simple instructions to obtain sources are shown below:

export CVSROOT=""
cvs login
cvs -z9 co
You must substitute module with one of these shown below. To update your sources later you can type:
cd module
cvs -z9 up -dPA
The dPA flags are necessary for a correct upgrade, unless you know what you're doing.

Avaible modules

phscrs PhScrs library, including every screensaver
phscrse PhScrsE sources (uses PhAb 2)
site Entire site sources (excludes repository and headline news)