Photon Screensavers
For QNX Photon 2, QNX RTOS 6

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Normal mode (fullscreen)

To launch a screensaver in normal mode simply execute it with no special flags.


Windowed mode

To launch a screensaver in window mode use the -W flag. If needed you can specify its width (-w), height (-h), position (-x, -y) and state (-S). The newly created window will be fixed (ie: it can't be resized).

/usr/photon/savers/phrain -W

Embedded mode

Any PhScrs screensaver can be embedded using the -r flag. You can use either the PhScrs Embedder Demo to test your screensaver or use phin to get a list of valid region IDs.

/usr/photon/savers/phrain -r id

Background mode

There's no real background mode. We use the -r switch with the region id of the background manager. This applies to any application.

/usr/photon/savers/phrain -r `phin -h -P bkgdmngr -f r`