Photon Screensavers
For QNX Photon 2, QNX RTOS 6

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Autumn is coming and what? Aaargh it's raining on my computer! :)). PhRain is a very customizable rain-particle simulator (these screenshots REALLY don't give it justice!). And look! There are lightnings! (no, sound is NOT included). A must for your cold indoor journeys.

Default configuration.
1000 Raindrops using 3 phase shades, includes lightnings!

Where's perspective?
phrain -j 0,0 -k 0,0 -l 100,0 -p -1000,1000 -t 0.5 -j 50,0 -k 0,0

Squiggly lines
phrain -l 0,0 -j 0,50 -k 0,50 -i 0x00FFFFFF,255 -t 1 -d

phrain -l 500,0 -j 0,0 -k 0,0 -p -500,500 -c l

phrain -l 0,0 -j 0,500 -k 0,5 -t 0.01 -c l -b 10000

WARNING: This screensaver is very cpu intensive. If you want to reduce cpu usage: reduce the number of raindrops by using the -b flag. More cpu can be obtained switching in lined drawing using the -c l flag. You can even reduce the fps rate (usually at 100fps) to a reasonable 50 value. I suggest you editing /usr/bin/ph and lauch saver using on -p 1 saver &. Since a priority switch isn't yet avaible, this will launch every screensaver at reduced priority (which is a good thing™).


You may say "Another bad pyro screensaver...". Stop thinking about these suking imitations. This is Photon Enchanged Pyro. When particle simulation encounters code-fu the result is simply inimaginable ;). Simulation is quite fast and can handle very complex situations. Pyrotechnic effects can be added easily without touching a line of internal code. A "simple" readme is avaible for developers interested in the particle engine. It was hard to take these snapshot, the screensaver itself is better.

White roses
phepyro -F 2 -u wrose

Default configuration.
Featuring 1hz of firework frequency and black background.

Ink effect.
phepyro -b 0xFFFFFF -u simple

This screensaver may have problems running on slow systems. Like with phrain you can reduce cpu usage by reducing the frame rate. If you have a very slow system you can only use fireworks that uses low cpu like "simple". To use it force running phepyro with phepyro -u simple.