Wave++ QNX RTOS Corner

This page is a dump of my qnx rtos projects that I've made for (free) use. I'm the author of all the projects listed here. You can contact me at this email. Some local projects may be distributed under some open software licenses but not includes direct download link to sources. This due to slow update times. You can require them any time at my email.

Local projects

Pre-built ported packages

My little contribute to the qnx community. These packages are pre-built binaries of ported unix sources. A complete "dirty" list can be found here. Modifyed sources (for die hard developers) are avaible only if they differs from the official distribution. We have a wonderfull pkg-fs, let's use it! Say no to binary tarballs on rtp :). All these packages (unless expressed) installs under /opt/ (unioned with /usr/ of course)

This page is minimalist, simple and direct (and hopefully updated frequently). Please respect my rights.
Copyright (c) 2001 Yuri D'Elia (Wave++) <wavexx@thregr.org>