FLTK Recycling Game!

The Story

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It was about bed time when Spaceman' Spiff™, currently playing in its pajams on a ZBoX618, tripped on the HyperDimensionalMicroInterface cable and was teleported Back into 2008!

Used to a world where even the air is limited as a result of pollution, Spiff™ is decided to bring back the earth before it's too late!

Recycling for the future, you will control the amazing walk-o-tron power of Spiff™ in the last epic battle against flying bananas! Will you survive long enough before being covered in trash??


Building from the source code requires FLTK 1.1.x and libpng. Just "make" in the source directory, and then run the game with "./regame".


Watch what worldwide champions were capable of while you were reading this!

Spiff™ wants you!

Are you a talented artist? Level designer?
Do you have any musical talent at all?

Or do you want to just blame the author for no reason?

Take your chances and mail us! Help us give Spiff™ a makeover!