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For QNX Photon 2, QNX RTOS 6

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Old news

Sunday 23 December 2001 Happy Christmas to everyone. And.. happy new year :)
Monday 15 October 2001 Changed distribution license. PhScrs is now lincensed under LGPL. This affecs new as well old releases.
Tuesday 09 October 2001 Added new screensaver phepyro into the cvs repository. Added phepyro screenshots in the screenshots page. Removed bad packaged files in the repository (now we use qpg generation files) and added release 1.1 (now avaible for download).
Saturday 15 September 2001 Hotfix release 1.0.1 now avaible for download. Fixes an important bug in visualization and adds the new P switch. Users of 1.0 should upgrade to 1.0.1.
Monday 10 September 2001 Added a priority switch P. Only today! And only on cvs :)
Sunday 9 September 2001 Converted the whole site to use php (much better now)
Sunday 9 September 2001 Fixed a broken package (Thanks to phearbear for the segnalation)