Photon Screensavers
For QNX Photon 2, QNX RTOS 6

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Repository instructions

Now packaging is done using qpg package generations files. You can use package.qpg directly in the source distribution for repackage everything.

The "best" way to download it is to add our repository to your package manager, you can do it by running it and clicking on File > Add repository then enter: when asked for the URL Location and PhScrs Repository when asked for the Repository Name.

Once done you will be able to browse all avaible package and decide what to install. You will also be able to download partial updates instead of downloading the entire package.

End Users

End users can simply download the Photon Screensavers packages to use any screensaver without problems.


Developers should download both the Photon Screensavers package and the Photon Screensavers Development one. A targetted development package is only needed if you want to link your application with a static library instead of a shared one. If you link an application with the phscrslib, you can use this repository for dependency resolution.

Developers usually prefers source packages insted of binary ones. Sources are only avaible as tarballs or throug cvs. Return to the main page for more informations.