SSU 0.10: Mon Sep 24 CEST 2007

  • Improved “update” and “diff” performance with the introduction of a local ssserv hash cache. The cache allows ssserv to avoid using SourceSafe in safe circumstances, providing a mean speedup of 610% while accessing the cache, and a 2% time increase for the first time update of uncached files.
  • Implemented “help” and “monitor” commands.

SSU 0.9: Sun Sep 16 CET 2007

  • Fixed handling of symlinks inside the project root (incorrect symlink removal on update, incorrect mode change of pointed-to files, unmarked conflicts during updates).
  • Fixed incomplete updates in presence of namespace clashes.
  • Implemented “opened”.
  • Certain commands (status, history, opened) no longer stop at the first file error when multiple files are specified.
  • .ssrc search extended to 8 levels.

SSU 0.8: Sat Dec 23 CET 2006

  • Fixed case conversion issues leading to occasional path case changes when updating recursively inside a project sub-directory. Incomplete removal of phantom files (as created by such updates) was also fixed.
  • Fixed path canonalization, resolving known relative path issues: incomplete client updates and server database escalation when using relative paths either directly or through the command line.
  • Changed verb “reverting” to “reverted” in the “revert” command to match the actual status of the action.
  • ss now avoids pruning below the current working directory in any circumstance, fixing traversal errors with compound commands.
  • Removing permanently a project in SourceSafe (by using the windows client) would previously cause subsequent versioned operations on the database to fail randomly with “No such file or directory” errors thanks to a totally flawed/unrelated SourceSafe prompt. Fixed by ignoring the prompt.

SSU 0.7: Fri Dec 16 CET 2005

  • Internal hash function changed to MD5 (there were known problems with the old implementation).
  • 0.7 declared stable.

SSU 0.6: Sun Mar 20 CET 2005

  • Revision syntax now supports date/times.
  • Exit status is now compatible with diff(1).
  • checkout speed improvements.
  • Implemented revert -a flag.
  • Implemented recover.
  • Improved ssserv “add” to work around SourceSafe limitations.
  • Minor cleanups.

SSU 0.5: Sat Mar 05 CET 2005

  • Fixed several long-standing command-line escaping issues on ssserv (almost all operations affected, upgrade highly recommended).
  • checkin/add now spawn an editor when no comments are specified on the command line.
  • -r (reopen) flag implemented for revert.
  • cat, label and diff can now refer to old file versions.
  • Implemented diff2.
  • Minor cleanups.

SSU 0.4: Sat Feb 26 CET 2005

  • Manual get of a single new file would fail with an error.
  • Recursive diff would stop on the first writable file with no error.
  • checkin” no longer adds new files to the repository: the functionality has been moved to the “add” command.
  • Addition of a new file was not an atomic operation (the resulting file could end-up in a different project under heavy server usage).
  • delete can be forced in some circumstances.
  • ssserv stability improvements.
  • Minor cleanups.

SSU 0.3 clients can communicate with 0.4 as long the new functionalities are not involved (add/delete).

SSU 0.3: Fri Feb 18 CET 2005

  • Implemented “label” and “cat”.
  • Fixed the .ssrc search mechanism (extended to 5 levels).
  • Addition of files in new sub-projects would fail with an error.
  • Removed extra redundant checks in the protocol for latency improvements. WARNING: this is a protocol-incompatible release. Both the client and the server needs to be upgraded.
  • Minor cleanups.