fIcy 1.0.21: 2017-08-10

  • fIcy can now append to output files directly using -A.
  • Error messages about missing or incompatible flags are now clearer.

fIcy 1.0.20: 2017-06-23

  • fPls accepts more (broken) EXTM3U files.
  • fIcy output file (-o) is no longer overwritten if -n is requested without metadata-based splitting.
  • fIcy output file is now correctly not interrupted if titles are requested without flags affecting filename generation (-t, -E or -m).
  • fIcy now builds fine by default on systems using gcc 4.7.
  • Support for building with pmake under IRIX has been removed.

fIcy 1.0.19: 2015-01-11

  • fPls will now correctly retry loading remote playlists on connection timeout/failures according to the requested limit (3 by default).
  • fPls/fIcy -T (maximum time) flag now takes connection/retry delays into account, ensuring the requested time is never exceeded.
  • Some examples in the documentation have been clarified.

fIcy 1.0.18: 2011-03-29

  • Fixed build with recent C++ compilers/libs.

fIcy 1.0.17: 2009-11-19

  • Fixed “redirection limit” error message.
  • Fixed build with newer GLIBC/GCC versions.
  • Fixed -f/-F under linux.

fIcy 1.0.16: 2007-01-03

  • Better (full) timeout support on both fIcy/fPls.
  • -e removed on fIcy (use -E1 to get the same effect instead).
  • fPls now also forwards -il flags automatically.
  • fPls no longer waits after last failure before exiting.
  • Now honouring also HTTP 301 redirects.
  • GNU sed limitation removed: the rewrite coprocessor is now customizable (defaulting to “sed” like before).
  • Work around OSX’s HFS+ charset requirements.

fIcy 1.0.15: 2005-11-09

  • Relaxed redirection checks.
  • Exit with success after recording time is elapsed.
  • Some code cleanup.

fIcy 1.0.14: 2005-09-01

  • Basic HTTP authentication support was implemented (-a).
  • Idle network timeout support was implemented (-i).
  • Enumeration starting number can now be specified/autodetected (-E).
  • fResync was unable to sync small files in mmap mode.

fIcy 1.0.13: 2005-05-11

  • Relaxed the playlist parser (fixes behaviour on “fancy” playlists).
  • -xXI can now be used with -o alone (dump matching title/s on the specified file without rewriting).
  • Added fPls daemon support.

fIcy 1.0.12: 2005-04-18

  • HTTP redirection handling was implemented.
  • Support for abort-on-clobber (-i) was dropped.

fIcy 1.0.11: 2005-02-11

  • Added a maximum playing time option (-M).
  • Exit values are more strict now.
  • Dropped “ohg” for rst.

fIcy 1.0.10: 2004-12-06

  • Added a title filtering/rewriting mechanism (-fF).
  • Include/exclude expressions can be loaded from a file now (-I).
  • Fixed other endianess problems affecting the URL parser.

fIcy 1.0.9: 2004-12-03

  • Malicious .pls files could contain an option that would be passed along to fIcy (harmless, but fixed).
  • Fixed argument parsing in fPls under GNU/glibc systems.
  • Fixed documentation for fPls (-W was really -T).
  • fResync now correctly refuses to operate on read-only files.
  • Fixed fResync endianess problems.

fIcy 1.0.8: 2004-11-15

  • Bug in fResync truncation code.
  • New utility: fPls: playlist handler.

fIcy 1.0.7: 2004-11-06

  • Using -x did not reset the file for non-matching titles.
  • New -X flag: exclude matching titles (complements -x).
  • Multiple -x and -X can be combined on the command line.

fIcy 1.0.6: 2004-11-02

  • OpenBSD compilation fixes (thanks to Tobias Franke “deimoz”).
  • SHOUTcast > 1.9 compatibility [aka: bug in SHOUTcast] fixes.
  • Reduced HTTP’s request fragmentation.

fIcy 1.0.5: 2004-09-06

  • WARNING: -i has changed semantics!!!
  • -p has changed semantics. Look into README’s example section.
  • New -x flag: save only matching titles.
  • New -q flag: save file ordering.
  • New utility fResync: cleanup badly cut MPEG files.

fIcy 1.0.4: 2004-05-03

  • ohg now included into the distribution.
  • Better filename sanitization.
  • Terminal output sanitization.
  • Better error reporting. No more “unexpected ICY reply”.

fIcy 1.0.3: 2004-04-09

  • Support for removing partial dumps.
  • URL parsing on the command line.
  • New -r flag to remove partial dumps.

fIcy 1.0.2: 2004-03-15

  • SIGPIPE handler
  • public release!

fIcy 1.0.1: Oct 2003

  • Now works on linux.

fIcy 1.0.0: earlyer in 2003

  • Now in “C”(r)

fIcy 0.0.0: late 2002

  • Original source:

    netcat "$1" "$2" << EOF | sed -e "1,9d"
    GET $3 HTTP/1.0
    Host: $1:$2