acpilight:backward-compatibile xbacklight replacement.
cencode:encodes a stream or file into quoted c-string escape sequences.
 Tally counter for images.
dl:simple file sharing service for quick/one-off file transfers.
ESP8266 SoftRX:Low-latency interrupt-driven serial decoder for the ESP8266 Arduino core.
Expect.jl:Synchronous communication with interactive programs.
facedetect:a simple face detector for batch processing.
fIcy:an icecast/shoutcast stream grabber suite.
fgallery:a modern, minimalist javascript photo gallery.
gcode-mode.el:Emacs G-Code mode with ElDoc reference support.
gcode-tools:G-Code post-processor and transformation tools.
git-assembler:update git branches using high-level instructions.
 Emacs major-mode for git-assembler configuration files.
gtabview:a simple graphical tabular data viewer for files and Python/Pandas/NumPy data structures.
mlbfilt:multi-line output block filter
 mu4e jump-to-list extension.
 mu4e support for query fragments.
Polyglot.jl:transparent remote/recursive evaluation between Julia and other languages.
python-bond:transparent remote/recursive evaluation between Python and other languages.
python-x.el:python.el extras for interactive evaluation.
screenkey:Keyboard screencasting tool.
RescueOMR:batch Optical Mark Recognition without foresight.
rigid-tabs.el:Emacs mode to fix TAB alignment in diff buffers.
tblutils:Text-based Table Utilities.
trend:a general-purpose, efficient trend graph.
wmnd:WindowMaker Network Devices.


Many things in here are not properly documented and are subject to change or disappear without notice. Contact me for details.

bcmon:OSX Battery Charge Monitor.
connman-notify:desktop notification integration for the connman daemon.
garith:a game to improve your arithmetic abilities.
 Gnus Desktop Notification global minor mode.
gte:Gielis Transform Explorer (interactive multi-dimensional Superformula visualization).
light beam calculator:
 Interactive buried light beam aperture and power calculator.
 desktop notification integration for networkd.
rest2web:rest2web extended
regame:A simple Recycling Game! (requires FLTK).
Tables:A multiplication table widget for the Mac OS X’s Dashboard.
watgfx:WATCOM C Graphics library wrapper for FreeGLUT/GL

There are more on gitlab and on github.

No longer maintained

ssu:SourceSafe for Unix.

Random code

Getting your hands really dirty in here…

cutils/:Color Conversion Utilities (simple YUV/RGB routines in C).
gnt/:Graphical Network Tracer (trace networks using traceroute and GraphViz).
plh.tar.gz:Web-based playlist manager for Ices (written in Perl).
qnx/:Old QNX projects homepage.
sqproc/:SQuid log PROCessor (break down network activity by user).
tfm.tar.gz:TODO sort/syntax plugin for Vim 6.x.
tt:A command-line Time Tracker (written in Perl). Nowdays I use TaskWarrior.
wcm-0.tar.gz:Minimalist greylisting implementation for MTAs (see the generated reports).
wtt/:[italian] Windows Tele Text: visualizza il televideo della RAI.