SSU: Textual SourceSafe for Unix


This project is looking for a new maintainer

SSU (SourceSafe for Unix) provides command-line access to local and remote Source Safe/VSS repositories through TCP. SSU runs on any POSIX platform, including Linux, *BSD and Mac OS X.


Latest 5 available releases of SSU (most recent first):

Full archive in releases/.

NEWS:Summary of changes between releases.
README:Notes about usage and installation.

Release announcements are made on the mailing list.

All the relevant source/developer information can be found on GitLab:

Maintainer wanted

SSU has been invaluable to access VSS repositories through different operating systems, demonstrating to be several orders of magnitude faster than simply using the VSS command-line client under WINE (if that worked at all).

However, after almost 7 years without using a Windows machine, I no longer have access nor interest to use the abomination that is/was Visual SourceSafe. As such, I can no longer support the users of this project beyond simple setup questions.

For the perspective maintainer, this project comes with a regression test suite with 100% code coverage and full user documentation. If you are interested in adopting this project, please get in touch.