WindowMaker Network Devices

WMND is a dockapp for monitoring network interfaces under WindowMaker and other compatible window managers. WMND currently works on Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Solaris, OpenSolaris, Darwin and IRIX.

WMND can monitor multiple interfaces at the same time, sports several display modes and can also monitor remote interfaces through SNMP.


Files as found in the latest release of WMND:

NEWS:Summary of changes.
README:Notes about usage and installation.
TODO:Missing/Planned improvements.
THANKS:Programmers that have contributed to WMND.
COPYING:License (GNU GPL v2).
AUTHORS:Copyright owners.


Latest 5 available releases of WMND (most recent first):

Full archive in releases/.

Many users keep asking about the ability to zoom the interface: since release 0.4.11, WMND supports zooming its window through an external program named Trend. This program is strictly optional and thus is not distributed with WMND itself. The README contains additional details if you are interested.

All the relevant source/developer information can be found on GitLab:


A list of current bugs and feature requests can be found at the Debian WMND bugs page.

The FreeBSD driver is known to have problems on laptop systems where you can dynamically insert/remove addictional PCMCIA interfaces. This is rather a design problem of the driver. A developer with FreeBSD’s MIB knowledge would be helpful.

You can report bugs at my email. Please be as descriptive as possible and always include at least:

  • WMND version
  • your host/target operating system
  • compiler used

A backtrace of the crash would be helpful, but less essential.