trend 1.4 17/07/2016

  • Fixed another build failure with GCC 6.1.

trend 1.3 20/01/2016

  • Fixed build failure with GCC >= 6.
  • Fixed spelling errors in the manpage.

trend 1.2 17/11/2009

  • Fix linking error with “binutils-gold”

trend 1.1 14/08/2009

  • Auto-scaling now considers only the current graph when multiple graphs are present and “hide others” is in effect.
  • Legend’ is now properly called ‘Key’. The ‘nN’ key bindings were also remapped to ‘kK’ for consistency.
  • Infinity is now handled like NaNs.
  • DEPRECATES: ‘nN’ key bindings are still available, but should no longer be used, use ‘kK’ instead.

trend 1.0 11/08/2009

  • Fix man page warnings.
  • Use a traditional version numbering scheme.

Rev #58 03/10/2006 to Rev #68 02/11/2007

  • Polling rate limits can now be configured dynamically.
  • Latency sampling now also shows maximal sync times.
  • NaNs can now be entered in the stream and highlighted.
  • Memory usage reduction (reduced in half).
  • Z’ allows to specify view limits by center and amplitude.
  • Support for multiple graphs in a single instance.
  • Using ‘-‘ as a file name now causes stdin to be read.

Rev #54 28/04/2006 to Rev #58 03/10/2006

  • Graph filling can be enabled with ‘f’.
  • d’ now affects filling mode as well.
  • Messages are now removed also when paused.
  • Created a man page (trend.1).

Rev #49 05/12/2005 to Rev #54 28/04/2006

  • Changing zero now aligns the graph instead of the grid.
  • Fixed hung on negative ‘grid-spec’.

Rev #44 23/07/2005 to Rev #49 05/12/2005

  • Console is no longer used for input, an embedded line editor is now used (ie when setting limits/grid-spec interactively, stdin will eventually be used for remote controlling).
  • Console is no longer used for output (except for fatal errors), messages are now displayed on screen.
  • Zero can be set interactively with ‘z’.
  • Dragging inside the distribution graph now shows the distribution count for the selected value.

Rev #40 15/04/2005 to Rev #44 23/07/2005

  • Solaris build fixes.
  • Ported to OS X.

Rev #35 14/12/2004 to Rev #40 15/04/2005

  • Correctly align X grid lines in scrolling mode.
  • hist-spec now uses “x” instead of “*”.
  • Support for direct binary input.
  • New example (see timeq) and cleanup.
  • DEPRECATES: N*M hist-specs should no longer be used, use NxM instead. -i and -r flags should no longer be used, use -ci -cd.

Rev #27 02/11/2004 to Rev #35 14/12/2004

  • An “history specification” can be used on the command line as a simplified alternative to the hist-sz/x-div pair.
  • Visual latency sampling/visualisation.
  • Differential input.
  • Grid enhancements/offsetting.

Rev #23 29/10/2004 to Rev #27 02/11/2004

  • Incorrectly initialised buffers could cause interactive indicators to malfunction for first values.
  • Visualisation can be paused while still consuming data.
  • A’ re-scales the graph without activating auto-scaling.

Rev #20 21/10/2004 to Rev #23 29/10/2004

  • Optimisations and huge internal latency reductions.
  • Fixed precision truncation in auto-scaling.
  • Fixed scrolling mode for “history” non multiple of “divisions”.
  • Created a support/testing mailing list. See README for details.

Rev #15 27/09/2004 to Rev #20 21/10/2004

  • Implemented distribution graph.
  • Fixed trend for plain files.
  • Fixed parsing bug (unterminated buffer).
  • Fixed precision truncation in drawing code.

Rev #11 21/09/2004 to Rev #15 27/09/2004

  • Fixed standard X11/GLUT options (-display, -geometry, etc)
  • Implemented interactive indicators.

Rev #4 09/09/2004 to Rev #11 21/09/2004

  • Several optimisations. Code cleanup.
  • Colours are configurable.
  • All options have a command line flag now.
  • current/min/max values can be shown on the graph.
  • New shading mode.
  • Input can be an incremental counter.
  • Grid positioning was fixed.
  • The grid now disables itself when it’s too dense to be drawn.
  • Auto-scaling can be toggled dynamically.