dl-wx: dl graphical native client

Introduction to DL

dl-wx is graphical native client to the DL web-service. With dl-wx your users can create tickets directly from the system’s tray, without having to open a browser or login every time.

It’s included starting from DL 0.10 into client/dl-wx in the source distribution. This page contains pre-packaged versions for the most popular operating systems that can be readily installed by your users.


Here’s a brief list of the latest 5 available releases of “dl-wx” (most recent first):



On the first run, you should enter the basic configuration parameters:


REST URL” is normally the URL of the service with “/rest.php” appended (but ask your system administrator for confirmation).

Verify SSL certificate” can be unchecked to disable SSL certificate validation. This is mostly useful for self-signed certificates, and thus should normally be left checked (the default).

Once configured/started, all actions can be performed by right-clicking on the dl-wx icon in the system tray:


Creating tickets

Creating a new ticket is easy; simply select “New ticket” from the main menu:


Click on “Browse” to select the file to send, then click “Upload” to create the ticket:


Once completed, simply press the “Copy” button to copy the ticket link to the clipboard. You can paste the link anywhere by pressing with the usual “Ctrl+V” (or by right-click / Paste).

Please note: You can simply left click on the tray icon to create a ticket with the default settings, which is even faster! The default settings can be set while creating a ticket normally through the menu.

Known issues

  • Sometimes the file selection dialog appears under the other windows.
  • dl-wx is still beta-quality software. Not all functions currently available in the web interface can be performed natively.

More information

Read the Advanced upload parameters‘s guide for a more in-depth explaination of expiration parameters.

The README contains extra details about both dl-wx and dl-cli (the command line client).

See General/support mailing list for any additional doubt.