PokéDL: DL client for Android

ShareMon! I choose you!

PokéDL (all phuns intended™) is an Android client for the DL web service to quickly send files through sharing intents: share to “PokéDL” to generate a ticket, and then share the resulting URL with anything else. PokéDL currently requires at least Android 4.4+ (KitKat).

PokéDL can talk with any DL server version 0.10 and onward, but requires DL 0.18 or greater when sharing multiple files at once. Multiple accounts on different servers are also supported.


PokéDL is currently in beta and only available as a direct-download APK. To install, you need to enable “Unknown sources” in the “Application Settings”.

Future versions will be available also on F-Droid. We’re looking for Android developers willing to help in distributing DL also in the Play Store.

All the relevant source/developer information can be found on Github:



Account setup

thumbs/pokedl-newaccount1.png thumbs/pokedl-newaccount2.png

An account needs to be set-up before being able to use PokéDL. The account setup page is available by launching the application directly or when running PokéDL for the first time.

Insert the account name, the URL of the web service (which is generally the main URL with /rest.php appended), your username, password and press “Add”.

When multiple accounts are available, the default account is selected using the drop-down menu at the top.

Sharing a file

thumbs/pokedl-preshare.png thumbs/pokedl-share.png thumbs/pokedl-notification.png

To share a file, select the “Sharing” icon and then either “PokéDL” or “PokéDL (rapid share)”. When multiple accounts are available, “PokéDL” prompts for the account to use, while “rapid share” picks the default account.

The upload progress is available in the notification at the top. When the upload has completed, PokéDL prompts to share the resulting ticket URL.

If you miss the prompt (or just want to send multiple copies), simply tap on the notification.

Bugs and feature requests

Please report bugs to the GitHub issue tracker.

For general support or to discuss feature requests, please get in touch through the main General/support mailing list.