dl: Download Ticket Service

Introduction to DL

dl” is a simple file sharing service for quick/one-off file transfers. Upload a file to get a link you can share. Or create a sharing link to receive files from others. The uploaded files are automatically removed when left unused, requiring zero additional maintenance.

dl” is built for your users: easy to use with any browser, integrates smoothly with Thunderbird for large attachments, works on Android, Windows, OSX or straight from the command line for maximum convenience.


Files as found in the latest release of “dl”:

NEWS:Summary of changes.
PokéDL:DL client for Android.
README:Notes about usage and installation.
RESTAPI:DL REST API documentation for developers.
DL for Thunderbird:
 Thunderbird extension which converts large attachments to DL tickets/links automatically.
dl-wx:dl-wx is a graphical native client to the dl web-service. This page contains the pre-built binary versions for Windows.
Guide:Sample usage guide for your users (included in the distribution in several languages).


Latest 5 available releases of “dl” (most recent first):

Full archive in releases/.

Release announcements are made on the mailing list.

All the relevant source/developer information can be found on Github:


Docker image

A Docker image maintained by Roberto Salgado is available at:


You can quickly test DL in a temporary container by running:

docker run --rm -p 8080:80 downloadticketservice/dl:VERSION

And then connecting to http://localhost:8080/

The default user/password is admin/admin.

Get involved

If you feel to discuss improvements, customizations and suggestions, you can subscribe to dl-ticket-service by either sending an empty email to <dl-ticket-service+subscribe@thregr.org>, using GMane (group “gmane.comp.web.dl-ticket-service.general”) or by contacting the author at <wavexx@thregr.org>. The archives are accessible via web through https://www.mail-archive.com/dl-ticket-service@thregr.org/ or via news directly.