fgallery 1.9.1: 2022-12-31

  • Improved fcaption multi-threading support.
  • Fix occasional fcaption crash when using PyQt6.

fgallery 1.9: 2022-12-06

  • A new flag -k allows to include the original files as-is, disabling all (lossless) transformations. Thanks to Rainer Müller.
  • Handle gray-scale source images without failing during conversion.
  • Handle UTF8 characters and whitespace in command-line arguments.
  • Handle abnormal pngcrush failures with bad sRGB profiles.
  • Improve default locale handling for text captions.
  • Speed-up the gallery generation by avoiding copies when possible.
  • Fix an error potentially occurring when the source gallery includes extra (non-image) files. Thanks to Alex Schroeder.
  • Fix a typo in the man page thanks to Robin Paulson.
  • Do not fail when producing the zip archive on galleries that have a lot of images or long file names.
  • Update fcaption to Python3 and support both PyQt6 or PyQt5. Thanks to Chris Drexler for the Qt5 support.
  • fcaption now sorts the input images by the file name, matching the default fgallery order. Thanks to Tom Conlin.
  • Support 7zz (from the new 7zip package) in addition to 7za for archive generation.
  • A new simple Makefile is provided to install fgallery and data files into an appropriate prefix.

fgallery 1.8.2: 2016-05-25

  • Allow to generate a gallery directly on filesystems without hard-links.
  • Fix generation failure on BSD systems (use a common set of “cp” arguments).
  • Handle more malformed/missing EXIF timestamps.
  • Use Cpanel::JSON::XS instead of JSON::XS (fixing errors in recent unsupported combinations of Perl / JSON::XS and threads).
  • New fgallery man page provided by Guus Sliepen.

fgallery 1.8.1: 2016-02-02

  • Fixed txt/xmp caption extraction for filenames with special characters.
  • Fixed unicode handling in xmp/exif captions.

fgallery 1.8: 2016-01-14

  • Handle bogus whitespace in EXIF timestamps.
  • Ignore hidden/invalid files instead of failing.
  • Support tificc2 as an alias to tificc (for Fedora).
  • Avoid calling tificc for images already in sRGB.
  • Load thumbnails on-demand for faster loading of large galleries.
  • Extract and visualize image captions.
  • Added utils/fcaption to edit image captions.

fgallery 1.7: 2014-09-05

  • Improved support for IE8.
  • With Firefox the gallery can now be viewed directly without an HTTP server.
  • Fixed crash when reading invalid EXIF timestamps.
  • Fixed crash when reading read-only images.
  • Fixed invalid check with newer versions of ImageMagick.

fgallery 1.6: 2014-04-17

  • Do not produce warnings when reading files without suffix.
  • Strip EXIF metadata from image previews and thumbnails.
  • We now require the Image::ExifTool perl module to extract EXIF information (libimage-exiftool-perl).
  • Preview/thumbnail images are now converted to sRGB colorspace by default (liblcms2-utils required) for improved color appearance across devices.
  • Fixed mixing/sorting of images without EXIF data.
  • A customizable URL (--index) can be specified on the command line to put a back-link in the gallery header.
  • Reduced the payload size.

fgallery 1.5: 2014-03-03

  • Allow to reverse the album order (-r).
  • Fixed crash when reading read-only images.
  • Fixed crash when the input directory contains spaces.
  • Fixed time sorting.

fgallery 1.4: 2014-01-28

  • Manual copying of the template directory is no longer required.
  • Fixed incorrect thumbnail size for rotated JPGs.
  • Fixed encoding of the album name.

fgallery 1.3: 2014-01-05

  • Improved browser behavior of the back button.
  • Fixed incorrect thumbnail stretch for certain image ratios.
  • Fixed empty thumbnail list in old browsers without devicePixelRatio.
  • Fixed incorrect usage of pngcrush, resulting in stray PNG output files.
  • Gallery generation speedup with parallelism/multi-core support (-j).
  • Can use p7zip when installed for faster compression.
  • Perl dependency on Date::Parse removed.
  • Minor/cosmetic improvements.

fgallery 1.2: 2013-11-30

  • Faster loading of large galleries.
  • Automatic thumbnail scaling on small screens.
  • Improved support for mobile browsers.
  • Swiping support.

fgallery 1.1: 2013-10-21

  • Degrades more gracefully on IE<10.
  • Gallery generation speedup.
  • Improved handling of UTF-8/special file names.
  • Clicking on the main image shows the full image directly (if present).
  • Adapts to the current screen layout automatically (horizontal/vertical layout).
  • Supports face detection for improved thumbnail generation.
  • JPEG/PNG optimization as an optional post-processing step.
  • Minor/cosmetic improvements.